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9 Franklin St.

Suite 302

Newark, NJ 07102



Call to schedule desired appointment hour to insure availibilty.

Pamper Parties


Looking for a venue to host your baby shower, wine tasting, girls' day or social gathering?

What about the perfect gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen?

Are you a business person looking to bring donors together for a fundraising event? Or are you simply looking to bring the office together and expand networks?

Look no further! Salon de Papillon is the answer you've been searching for!

Come to 


9-11 Franklin St.

Suite 302

Newark, NJ 07102

or call 1-855 BE-RELAX

to schedule your event.







We can bring the massage to you. Massages away from the Spa, we bring the Spa to you. If you are traveling and would like to have a massage our dedicated team of massage therapist will come to you wherever you are.


Corporate wellness is important, that is why Salon De Papillon Salon & Spa introduces Corporate wellness. By starting a Wellness program businesses may reduce number of employee sick days, and heighten work production.
Our trained professionals can bring massage chair or massage beds for as little 15 to 30 minutes of body therapy.
Visit us and learn more about our moderate prices.
9 Franklin Street Suite 302
Newark, New Jersey 07102